Java Specialists Training Courses

For any company looking to build on their established knowledge and skill base, or take a decisive step forward in Java, you simply won't find a better place to meet those needs than Javaspecialists.

Benefits of In House Courses

Relevant Content: You will learn skills that are based on "practical day to day application" that will make you a better programmer forever. The courses are "presented by someone who has practical experience with software development in Java."
During an inhouse course, we are able to discuss company confidential information. On an open course, developers have to be more careful what they talk about.
Pace: By moving through the course at a speed that suits the students everybody gets the most from the training.
Home Comfort: In our experience, programmers prefer to sleep in their own beds after a hard days learning.
Plus: Add to that many hundred happy students from many happy companies and the saving made (with over 5 students) and you have lots of very good reasons to choose Java Specialists for your inhouse java training.

"I thought that your course was excellent, and have been using patterns in my work ever since (as well as campaigning the worth of using Design Patterns to my colleagues)."
Oliver G., Prism, Cape Town

Our Java Training Courses

Course Duration Price More
Java Design Patterns 4 Days €1800 Click Here
Advanced Topics 2 Days €1300 Click Here
Concurrency Performance 3 Days €2700 Click Here
Refactoring Java 8 1 Day in-house Click Here

Older Courses - Java 6 and 7

Course Duration Price More
Concurrency Specialist 4 Days €3150 Click Here
Java Specialist Master 4 Days €2500 Click Here

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